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Gingerbread Village at Black Creek Pioneer Village



Monday, December 17 2012 11:00 AM - 04:00 PM



The tastiest exhibit at Black Creek is back and on display until December 23! Located in our Visitors' Centre, Black Creek Gingerbread Village is a unique and charming exhibit consisting of six replicated buildings from Black Creek Pioneer Village, made with gingerbread and icing. Each carefully made building was contributed from a variety of local culinary enthusiasts. Thanks to our judges; Dorothy Duncan, Culinary Historian, Jill Greaves, Interior Designer, and Melanie Ryan, Sous Chef at Black Creek.

Each contestant will participate by submitting a replicated Black Creek building (chosen by us) made from gingerbread, and decorated with icing. All submissions will be judged on accuracy in replication and creativity (to make the building look "living"). Contestants will compete for cash prizes ($500 1st place, $200 2nd place, 2 tickets to December 8th Lamplight 3rd place). All contestants will receive $50 to put towards their cost of supplies. Judges will be Black Creek's head Chef, a local architect, and Culinary Historian. Only one entry for each building will be accepted.  Gingerbread Village Application Gingerbread Village Application

* The buildings that contestants may recreate are Tinsmith, Second, Burwick, Half Way, Dickson School, Roblin's Mill, Fisherville Church, Blacksmith, Cabinet, Doctor's Mackenzie, and Town Hall.



Black Creek Pioneer Village @ 1000 Murray Ross Parkway Toronto, ON