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The Stongs

Daniel and Elizabeth Stong were the original settlers at Black Creek.


Daniel Stong Elizabeth Fisher


The log buildings that Daniel built became the foundation of Black Creek Pioneer Village. The Stong family originally came from Germany. Daniel Stong was born in Pennsylvania and came to Canada with his parents.

In 1816, he married Elizabeth Fisher and they built a farm on the bank of Black Creek. They built their first cabin using large trees that they had chopped down. Six children were born while Daniel and Elizabeth Stong lived in this house.


Black Creek

Daniel Stong's First House

Daniel Stong's  1st House Room


As the family increased, Daniel Stong constructed their second house.


Daniel Stong's Second House


Daniel and Elizabeth Stong had eight children: Mary, Catherine, Jacob, John, Joseph, Michael, Samuel and Daniel.


Stong Family Tree


This is Daniel Stong's family tree. How many brothers and sisters do you have? Try to compare your family tree to Stong's and think about the family size of pioneers.