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High School, University and Adult Groups

Black Creek Pioneer Village Group Programs Are Not Just for Kids!
Find More High School, University and Adult Group Programs Here:

Garden and Table

Half day program
Max 30 participants
entire school year
Visit our Black Creek gardens and then create a small meal in a heritage log home by preparing food items, chopping vegatables and cooking over a wood burning stove. Discover where our food comes from and the changes in kitchen technology over time. This program is perfect for ESL, Family Studies or those seeking an intractive experience.

Society and Change

Half day program
May-mid November
Enter the world of Confederation era Canada.  Interpret, analyze and evaluate Canada's past through the eyes of women, children and the various religous and ethnic groups that contributed to our country's developement. Explore social, political and economic issues such as temperance, education, voting rights and social norms.  Interact with our costumed educators in our many historic homes and trade buildings. 

Life in a New Land

Half day program
Available: May-mid November

 Explore the Village as you travel to trade shops and houses and discover the many challenges that faced our early settlers.  Study the economic and social realities of the day.  Learn about survival, how to build a community, and how to cope with conditions in a new land.

For more information and to book your program call (416) 667-6295 (press 2)