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Black Creek Pioneer Village News Room

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Connecting the Past to the Present

Black Creek Pioneer Village emphasizes an educational experience based on learning from our past. Connection to the land, community, and social responsibility - ideas customary in the 19th century can teach us much about our own society, and how to approach and confront issues and problems that we deal with today. Here are just a few story ideas that stem from the Black Creek experience.

Step Back in Time 19th Century Ontario

What was Canada like on Canada Day, July 1, 1867? Black Creek Pioneer Village has a large community of professional interpreters and over 40 original buildings dating from 1816 to 1860, all of which provide a real and authentic feel of what life would have been like in 19th century Ontario - an extremely important time and place in the foundation of our great Nation, and its development to today.


Throughout the year, Black Creek Pioneer Village hosts schools, camps and learning groups from all over Southern Ontario, with students taking part in educational activities which teach them about a variety of topics, including history, civics, social sciences, health and physical education. Seeing history in real life provides a stimulating learning experience that engages students in ways a textbook or classroom cannot.

Relationship with the land

In 19th century Canada, villages relied on the land and nature as a vital element to their survival, and thereby developed a close relationship with nature and the outdoors - something that, as Canadians, we can all appreciate. In the present day, as we are confronted with hot topic issues like land exploitation, sustainability, and environmental pollution, looking through the past to Black Creek Pioneer Village can teach us much, about renewing this bond with nature, and inspiring new ways to confront these issues in the future.

Being a Kid in the 19th Century

Kids who visit Black Creek Pioneer Village have an exciting opportunity to experience life in 19th century Canada first hand. Children are introduced to games, activities, and toys that would have been popular amongst kids in the 1800s. Kids even have the opportunity to dress up in period costumes as they tour the village - providing an even more immersive learning experience, and great photo opportunities as well!

Historic Trades

Want to see life outside the cubicle? Cooper, printing office, blacksmith - these and other historic professions re-enacted at Black Creek Pioneer Village provide a real life example of everyday work life in 19th century Canada, and by special request, guests can don a costume and take part in a day long apprenticeship with one of our recreators.

Historic Brewery

The Black Creek Historic Brewery puts a new spin on the typical Ontario craft brewery scene. With production methods accurate to 19th century Canada, and locally produced hops and barley grown less than a mile from production, the Black Creek Historic Brewery offers a unique opportunity to experience a classic beverage like never before.


19th century life was very tight-knit; everyone in the community worked, lived, and socialized with each other, relied on each other, suffered and prospered with each other. The community produced everything, from the food they ate to the goods they sold. This environment has been recreated at Black Creek Pioneer Village, among our community of interpreters, who dedicate their time and talent to providing an informative, educational and authentic learning environment for visitors of all ages.

A taste for the past

Food played just as important a role in early Canadian life as it does today. Black Creek Pioneer Village features a variety of crops based upon the culinary traditions of 19th century Ontario, including gardens of herbs, rare apple trees, raspberries, as well as hops and barley for use in the Historic Brewery. In addition, Black Creek has recreated many of the food production techniques that would have been commonly found in early Canada, including a mill, grain barn and even a bakery, where baked breads and sweets can be purchased!