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Whether examining authentic household items in their intended setting, or marveling at the beauty and craftsmanship of period furniture, artifacts make Black Creek Pioneer Village a delight for antique enthusiasts.

Representing the development of early Ontario, the Black Creek Pioneer Village collection has evolved from its agricultural roots to include archival material, domestic artifacts, books, fine art, furniture, machinery, textiles, and tools. Many have a local community association to the history of Toronto and York Region. The Collection is particularly strong in two areas: toys (the Percy Band Toy Collection of over 2,000 pieces) and lighting (the Catherine Thuro Lighting Collection of over 150 working kerosene lamps). The latter is featured annually in Black Creek’s popular Christmas by Lamplight special evening events every December.

The Collection started in 1954 with a donation from Mr. and Mrs. Percy Snider of seventy pioneer tools dating from the early to mid-19th century. From that small beginning it has grown over the past fifty years to over 50,000 artifacts, acquired from 2,911 donors. In addition, pieces have been purchased with funds from the Conservation Foundation of Greater Toronto, the Heritage Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Culture, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, and Wintario.

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