Black Creek Book Club

Supplement your Black Creek experience with our monthly reading selections. We’ll be highlighting books past and present, fiction and non-fiction, that shed fascinating light on the history, traditions and cultures woven into the Village fabric. HAPPY READING!

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For Adult Readers:

Just in time for Christmas by Lamplight at the Village!

cover of Redpath Canadian Bake Book The Redpath Canadian Bake Book: Over 200 Delectable Recipes for Cakes, Breads, Desserts and More
Redpath Sugar Ltd.

SUMMARY: In this, Redpath’s first full cookbook, they share more than 200 recipes that showcase and celebrate the many distinct (and delicious!) culinary traditions of Canada. The book features recipes for everything from cookies, brownies, muffins, cakes, pies, and frostings, as well as recipes for holiday goodies, puddings, jams, and candies that can be enjoyed year-round.

$35.00 + HST

For Young Readers:

Just in time for Christmas by Lamplight at the Village!

cover of Porcupine in a Pine Tree A Porcupine in a Pine Tree: A Canadian 12 Days of Christmas
Helaine Becker
Illustrated by Werner Zimmermann

SUMMARY: A Canadian spin on a classic holiday carol for the whole family to enjoy. There are hockey players a-leaping, Mounties munching — and of course, a porcupine in a pine tree.

Ages 3-7
$16.99 + HST

For School Groups:

This trio of books is tailored to fit our recommended Happy Harvest Time education program for fall school trips.

Settler Life in Canada Food book cover
Down on the Farm Goats book cover
cover of Community Garden

Left to right: Settler Life in Canada: Food, Anita Yasuda; Down on the Farm: Goats, Sally Morgan; Community Garden, Carolyn J. Morris & Richard McNaughton. Learn More About These Titles.

Book Reviews & Recommendations:

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