Fun for Day Cares & Camps

Plan a trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village!

Take advantage of over 30 acres of greenspace, 40 historic buildings ready to explore and one-of-a-kind programs to engage groups of all ages. Choose from our most popular group programs or one of our specially designed programs for day care and day camp groups!

 Recommended Group Programs

Programs Just for Day Cares and Camps

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The Amazing Chase for Kids

$240 (Per group of 20 participants) or $12.00 per child/ Suitable for children 6-12 years old

Bring your campers to the Village this summer for an exciting adventure! Children complete “Pioneer Challenges” around the Village, collecting clues as they go. The first team to solve the puzzle and get back to the home base wins! Maximum participants 120 per half day.

Summer Adventures

$240 (Per group of 20 participants) or $12.00 per child/ All ages-an excellent program for daycares and day camps

Experience the summer as kids did in the 1800s! Participate in games and sports popular at that time, have fun playing with traditional toys, and enjoy trying on 1860s costumes like children wore long ago. This interactive program includes visits to the Village’s 1860s homes and trade shops, where you can experience activities such as helping with the printing press, carding wool, and more.