Nightlife Returns to the Village!

Where Dark Things Dwell, an immersive game produced by Secret City Adventures, returns to Black Creek Pioneer Village for a second season starting April 6.

Working in teams of six, intrepid visitors will travel back to the time of Canada’s Confederation and enter a world of the occult, curses and witchcraft.

In the game’s first season, more than 7,000 players attempted to break the Black Creek Curse, with an average escape rate of just 30%.

Where Dark Things Dwell takes an ambitious step beyond the traditional “escape room” game:  players visit multiple buildings — including the Black Creek post office, mill and school house — guided only by the light from their lanterns. Interacting with live actors, they race against the clock to complete a series of complex puzzles.

“This was my first escape room-like adventure and it may have set the bar way too high — can’t imagine going to normal escape rooms that I have heard about.”Player review

The number of variations means that the game is replayable, with repeat visitors enjoying a different adventure each time. The game can accommodate as many as 60 players at once.

Where Dark Things Dwell is a completely original game, written and produced in Canada, and featuring hand-crafted puzzles. The storylines and game mechanics were developed by a team of creators with backgrounds in science fiction and comic book writing as well as stage, film and alternate reality gaming.

“Black Creek is such an atmospheric setting and being able to use multiple rooms throughout the Village has given us the opportunity to push the boundaries of traditional escape rooms,” says Leonardo Dell’Anno, producer, Secret City Adventures.

Game times are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings at 6 pm and 9 pm.