Dickson’s Hill School


  • two separate entries
  • two out houses
  • a box stove
  • large windows


Dates From: 1861
Original Location: Markham, Ontario (Concession 7)

Built in 1861, this school (S.S.#17 for Markham) is a fine example of the one-room schoolhouse typical of the period. It was built with hand-made local brick, for a total cost of $1,078.79.

The school has large windows on both sides allowing for improved light and cross-ventilation. Heat was provided by a box stove at the back of the room with a stove pipe running the full length of the room to the chimney at the front.

In 1960 the building was dismantled brick by brick and moved to Black Creek Pioneer Village, where it has been restored to its original condition. The original school bell accompanied the building.