Black Creek Nightlife

Explore the Village at night, with unique after-hours experiences in our spectacular historic setting

Black Creek Pioneer Village Nightlife

Ghosts of the Village at Black Creek

Join us as we explore the supernatural side of Toronto’s historic and haunted pioneer village in the dark.

Featuring some of the oldest buildings in the city, the Village is the perfect creepy backdrop for a night of spine-tingling ghost stories – many of which have occurred to previous village guests and Haunted Walk tour guides. A must-do for paranormal enthusiasts!

Not recommended for children or easily frightened adults. Masks are required to enter the historic buildings.

guides with lanterns lead a ghost walk at Black Creek Pioneer Village after dark
the streets of Black Creek Pioneer Village illuminated by lamplight after dark
a robed guide leads a haunted walk in one of the historic buildings of Black Creek Pioneer Village


  • Adults: $29.99 + HST
  • Youth (up to 14): $24.99 + HST

Paid parking only: $10.20


Presented by The Haunted Walk

The Haunted Walk

decorative figure

Where Dark Things Dwell

Stopping in the sleepy village of Black Creek for a night’s rest, you and your fellow travelers find yourselves trapped as ancient evil stirs. Black Creek is surely doomed – unless you can lift the curse!

Now it’s up to you to save the cursed villagers, discover the great incantation, and stop the evil from rising before the final bell tolls. Guided only by your wit and your lantern, do you have what it takes to journey where dark things dwell?

Where Dark Things Dwell is played in teams of four.

shadowy figure haunts the entrance of historic home at Black Creek Pioneer Village
hooded figures carry candles on the darkened streets of Black Creek Pioneer Village
ominous hooded figure lurks in the doorway of the cider house at Black Creek Pioneer Village


  • 1-3 tickets: $45/ticket
  • 3+ tickets: $40/ticket



Presented by Secret City Adventures

Secret City Adventures