Explore the living history of the gardens at The Village.

a young girl stops to smell the flowers in one of the heritage gardens at Black Creek Pioneer Village

The gardens at Black Creek Pioneer Village display annuals, perennials and vegetables commonly cultivated in Ontario during the mid-19th century. Feature gardens of The Village include our Herb Garden, Berry Garden, Burwick Kitchen Garden and Market Garden.

doctors house garden at Black Creek Pioneer Village


The Herb Garden

Location: Between the Laskay Emporium and the Harness Shop

The Herb Garden, located between the Harness Shop and Laskay Emporium, includes medicinal and culinary herbs typically incorporated into kitchen or flower gardens of the 19th century.

Explore Our Herb Garden Exhibit

herb garden beds arranged in rectangular pattern


The Berry Garden

Location: Beside Laskay Emporium and Post Office

The Berry Garden, just down the boardwalk from the Herb Garden on the other side of the Laskay Emporium, features soft fruit ranging from raspberries to gooseberries and currants. Berries are harvested and used in the Half Way House Historic Kitchen where they are transformed into delicious tarts or jams

berry garden at Black Creek Pioneer Village


Burwick House Kitchen Garden

Location: On the grounds of Burwick House

Burwick House kitchen garden at Black Creek Pioneer Village


The Market Garden

Location: Beside the Mackenzie House

The Burwick Kitchen Garden and Village’s Market Garden vary seasonally showcasing heirloom vegetables, cut flowers and examples of crops such as flax and broom corn. Aside from being beautiful these gardens are extremely productive. Produce from the gardens is used in our school programs, demonstration cooking activities and available for purchase by visitors at our weekly Meet the Gardener program.

The Market Garden

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