First Saturday – Jewish Storytelling with Eden Nameri

See the past through their eyes.

Visit with Indigenous and other equity-deserving artist at the Village on the first Saturday of the month. Through their art, they ask us to consider history from their perspective.

Art connects us to other people. It opens our eyes to different ways of looking at the world around us and the history of the land we call home.

This Month: As Hanukkah approaches, storytellers illuminate Jewish history, traditions, and celebrations.



Eden Nameri in Purple Dress

Over 30 years ago, Eden Nameri walked into a storytelling class by accident and has been telling stories on purpose ever since. Eden tells folk tales, epic romances and bible stories from a queer Jewish feminist perspective that simultaneously honours and challenges the traditions behind the tales.

Eden has told at the Toronto Storytelling Festival, StoryFusion, the Ottawa Storytellers’ Signature Series, Queers in Your Ears, Word On The Street and the Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada’s Festival Gathering.

Eden is a frequent teller and host at 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling, an active member of Storytelling Toronto and has curated storytelling shows. As a teller, community member and listener, Eden especially loves stories that illuminate people often absent from mainstream narratives.