Hugh’s Story

Hugh McNair illustration


Public dances are a good way to make connections. You make one as soon as you walk in the door: with a bright young lady.

You sidle next to her. “Edith, wasn’t it? Would you care to waltz?”

“Doesn’t that make you dizzy?”

“Yes,” you answer. “But one must get used to it — it is the way of the whirled.”

She giggles. You grin. Then you talk all night — she has a wonderfully keen mind, and she’s just as interested in politics as you are in labour rights.

The connections you make at the dance help you rise through the business world. You have a very comfortable life — you even marry Edith!

When July 1, 1867 comes around you’re excited by the economic possibilities of Confederation, and attend a celebratory party with your wife. You’ve looked after yourself well indeed.


What’s next? Find out what happened to Hugh after Confederation.