Jacob’s Story

Jacob Schultz illustration


“Jacob, achtung! Watch out!”

At your brother’s shout, you dive to the ground. Made it!

10 minutes ago, this was tag. Now, it’s war. It’s you, Albert, and Matthew against Peter, Otto, and Abraham.

You’re the youngest and the smallest of all your brothers, but you try to be the toughest. Just because they’re out of school and working the family farm, they think they’re better than you.

Not this time.

“Jacob!” At the sound of Mother’s voice, you freeze. She marches over and hauls you off Abraham. “Have you finished your schoolwork, young man?”

“Sort of …”

All your schoolwork is in English. At home, you speak mostly German, and you find the English hard.

Mother ruffles your hair, and you groan, “Mother!”

“Perhaps extra lessons, yes?” she says. “To help?”

Extra lessons would help … but shouldn’t you be done school? You’re practically a man!

It’s not like you want to be a professor. You’re a farmer. But you want to prove you’re clever enough to handle the lessons.

What should you choose?