Jacob’s Story

Jacob Schultz illustration


From your first day, you love working at the harness-maker’s shop. Leather smells so much better than ink and dust.

You get to chat with farmers about their horses, and you immediately grasp how the pieces of leather come together to create a finished saddle or harness.

“My best pupil!” the harness-maker proclaims. You grin as you work the overstitch wheel. No one’s ever said that to you before. It feels wonderful.

Soon, you’re experimenting with more complex stitches and designs. One day, a smartly dressed young man comes in. He examines your saddles for a long time. “Who made these?” he asks.

“Me, of course.”

“My name’s William.” He runs his hand along the leather. “These are wonderful! Would you consider a business partner?”

Turns out that William’s father is some important businessman in Toronto. They want to work with you and expand the business. But that would mean moving to Toronto, away from your friends and family.

You would work indoors in Toronto, but you’d make good money.

Of course, you have some savings … you could buy a small farm close to home and set up a small harness shop as well.

What to do?