How to: Make an Easter Egg Potato Stamp

Use the principles behind the Victorian printing press to express your creative self, by making your very own potato stamp.

potato stamp

In the 1860s, pictures that were to be printed in newspapers were first carved out of wood or etched into metal, and then placed in a printing press.

The printer (a person, not a machine) would roll some ink on to the carving and place a piece of paper on top. When the printer pulled a lever, the machine would “press” it all together, transferring the picture to the paper — just like a large stamp!

You can carve your own stamp at home today with just a potato, a pencil, and an adult with a sharp knife.

Potato Stamp Tutorial

Step 1: Gather your supplies

You will need:

  • a potato
  • paint (this will be your ink)
  • paper
  • an adult with a sharp knife
  • Some newspaper or an old tablecloth to keep your work area clean
  • a carving tool – like a pen, pencil, metal straw or wooden skewer

supplies for making crafts

Step 2: Cut your potato

Get your adult to cut your potato in half. Cutting on the short end will give you more of a circle or an oval shape that looks just like an Easter egg.

Four halves of a potato on a cutting board with a kitchen knife

Step 3: Design your stamp

Carve your design into the potato with your carving tool. Go over your design a few times to make sure there is no “gunk” in the grooves.

A hand drawing a heart into half of a potato

Step 4: Prep your stamp pad

Pour out a little bit of paint onto a piece of paper or a paper plate. Use a piece of potato to spread out so the pool of paint is larger than your potato. This is your stamp pad.

A sheet of paper with four circles of paint next to four bottles of paint

Tip: Make sure there is only a thin layer of paint on your “stamp pad” so it doesn’t get into the grooves!

Four potato stamps next to circles of paint

Step 5: Get stamping!

Press your potato into the paint and stamp away!

Four potato stamps on a piece of paper half covered in stamps

Step 6: Share your masterpiece with us

Share your artwork with us on Facebook and Instagram, or email us a photo at We can’t wait to see what you made!

completed potato stamp crafts


decorative figure