Hugh’s Story

Hugh McNair illustration


You’re many things: clever, charming, devilishly handsome … You’re also independent. You’ll find a job by yourself.

And so, you head off the mill. It’s not difficult work, it’s just hard on the muscles.

Rolling barrels, lifting sacks of grain, running up and down the stairs all day … you and your new friend Jacob hold contests to see who can lift the heaviest bags. He’s used to farm work, so he usually wins. At least you’d beat William, the clerk: he looks like a stiff wind would knock him over

But then, bad news: there’s a new boy who’s willing to do your job for less money. Worse, the boy’s only 13!

Where will you go now?

“You’ll find a new job, Hugh,” Jacob says. “Dame Fortune knocks once on every man’s door.”

“Well, in my case,” you answer, “it was her daughter: Miss Fortune.”

You could still write to Uncle Robert. He’s very strict, but he’d give you a job. Or maybe it’s best to keep looking on your own — you could stay with your cousins Agnes and Flora while you search. They’re good sorts.

Do you get a job with Uncle Robert or stay with your cousins?