Jacob’s Story

Jacob Schultz illustration


You chose well! The soil’s richer than anything back home.

Like your father and brothers, you mostly plant wheat, although you add some barley, peas, and oats as well. Tending the tiny shoots, you grin. You’ve achieved your dream, and everything is perfect

Except …

Except that you’re a little lonely. All right, fine. You’re a lot lonely. You never thought you’d miss your brothers, but your house is too quiet.

Around the village, you feel like a stranger. It’s a new feeling, and you don’t like it. On top of all that, Mother’s asking if you’ve met any nice young ladies!

Time to make some friends, then.

There’s a group of young men who have put together an amateur baseball team. You don’t know them that well; you think they go to the English church up the road. But they’re your age, and you definitely saw some young ladies with them.

There are also some older men who play cards in the taproom — the same German card games you and your brothers played. They speak German, and you feel at home around them.

Who do you want to join?