Ruth’s Story

Ruth Barrow illustration


The Grands have done so much for you over the years. With your throat full, you sit down with them and explain that you’re going to try and find work. Mrs. Grand shakes her head. “No, Ruth — we know you’re meant to be a writer someday.”

“And I will be,” you say, hoping that it’s still true. “I want to help our community. I haven’t given up on that. But right now, I need to help you.”

At that, Mrs. Grand gives you a rough hug. “You show them, Ruth,” she murmurs. “We believe in you.”

You repeat her words as you scan the jobs notices.

Hardly anything is open to you. And you’ve done your research. You’ve read three different newspapers, asked around the church, and checked notices at the general store. All you can find is a place in a seamstress shop, and a position as a domestic servant.

You’re not bad with a needle and thread; you’d probably make a good seamstress. But the servant position is in a house very close to the Grands. You’d feel better being close to them, though you’re not sure how you and the work will agree.

Which do you choose?