Ruth’s Story

Ruth Barrow illustration


It takes time and hard work to finish your schooling. You can’t wait to be done. It’s time to start making a difference.

You apply to the Normal School in Toronto. As you’ve seen, teachers make all the difference in the world. Before you manage a newspaper, you want to spend some time out in the world.

But a few days before you’re meant to leave for Toronto, something awful happens.

“Mr. Grand!”

While helping to fix a barn roof, he’s taken a terrible fall: a badly broken leg and broken ribs.

The doctor sighs. “I’m afraid he won’t be much good for farm work anymore.” At the news, you fight back tears. Mr. Grand’s like a father to you.

If he can’t work, you’ll need to.

Perhaps it’s time to start your newspaper with your meager savings. Training as a teacher first is no longer an option. But then, newspapers are risky business: Mary Ann Shadd’s newspaper closed back in 1860.

Should you try something safer? Mrs. Grand knows a seamstress who needs help …

Which do you choose?